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Health and Safety

Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility. It is this company’s objective to provide at all times a safe and healthy work environment.

In order to eliminate or minimize the hazards that cause accidents and injuries, it is the further policy of B.D.M. Millwrights Inc. to:

Comply with the Provincial & Federal Occupational Health & Safety Acts and their Regulations as applicable, and recognize the supplementary Safety Policies and requirements established at customer premises.

Have our Health & Safety Representative participate in the development and updating of our Safety Program, and to encourage co-operation with workers to involve all employees in putting health and safety policy into practice.

Implement a pro-active Company Safety Program that promotes a healthy and safe work environment, and that provides for enforcement through proper reporting and corrective action including disciplinary measures for non-compliance.

Investigate all accidents and near incidents, and to assess as preventable or non-preventable with the objective of initiating non-recurrence.

Ensure that proper first aid and medical services are available at all times, and that the care and rehabilitation, including light duty assignment, or an injured worker is promoted.

Evaluate the effectiveness of all Safety efforts and to make corrective amendments to the Safety Policy and Program contents as appropriate.